Ballaugh School

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“Stud” type earrings and watches are the only jewellery permitted in school. On swimming and PE days children are advised not to wear earrings to school. ALL jewellery must be removed for swimming, or covered by a swimming headband. They should also be removed for PE and long hair tied back for any physical activities. We recommend that children do not have their ears pierced during the swimming terms of Autumn and Spring as we understand that the first studs can not be removed for 6 weeks. The summer holidays would be the recommended time to have ears pierced

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About Our School

Ballaugh School is a small rural primary school, serving the village and parish community of Ballaugh. Due to our location we are a feeder school for both Ramsey Grammar School and QEII High School in Peel (conditional on your residence in our catchment…

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