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I hope that you will find this website a useful resource during your child's time with us. As this website develops and evolves you will be able to find policies and information that are intended to support your child's learning. We will also publish other, more general, information that we believe is useful too. Please use the "contact" facility as it will forward your message directly to the school's email address.

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Keeping Your Children Safe

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Birds, Trees and Nest Building
Published in the Blog

Today Michelle came and asked us some key questions. We also welcomed Jenny from Manx Birdlife. We thought about why birds build nests? ( for eggs and for attracting a mate) How long does it take them to create a nest? (this can be from quick a scratch in the sand through to a couple of weeks) Are…

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Learning with Class R2
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Class R2's Miltown trip photographsThis week Class R2 visited the gardener at Milntown with Michelle from "Manx Birdlife". We learned the names of many of the trees and Michelle showed us a blackbird, robin and wood pigeon. Please look through the pictures with your child, by clicking the link abov…

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