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Absences etc.

Frequent absences from school, or late arrival, will affect your child’s learning and progress.

If your child is absent, please contact the school between 8.30 and 8.55am on the first day and notify us of the reason.

Absences will be marked as ‘unauthorised’ in the attendance register if they are unexplained or if they do not fall within one of the DESC’s categories.

We expect all children to arrive at school punctually as teaching and learning begin promptly and your child may miss a vital part of the lesson. Persistent lateness and/or unauthorised absences will be investigated by the School Liaison Officer.

LATE ARRIVALS and APPOINTMENTS (medical, dental etc)

The late arrival of children causes unnecessary disruption to the classes and difficulties with regard to organising the number of cooked meals that are required for that day. If your child is late please ensure that they inform the office of their arrival. If your child is going to be late due to a medical appointment please inform the school in writing of this in advance (as soon as you can after receiving the appointment) so that a dinner can still be ordered if necessary. This will also help the class teacher to prepare the class' learning for that session.


The approved situation regarding holiday absences is that permission may be requested to take a child away from school for a maximum of 10 days (20 sessions) during any one academic year. Beyond that, all absences other than for illness are regarded as being unauthorised. Permission should be sought, in writing, if it is your intention to take your child out of school during term time.

The following information is taken from The Department of Education and Children’s Attendance of Pupils Policy

• that, on educational grounds, neither the Department nor the school either supports or encourages additional time being taken off school for holiday purposes;

• that securing leave of absence for this purpose should not be regarded as a formality;

• that leave of absence will not normally be granted for more than 10 school days in any academic year;

• that any time taken off school for which leave of absence has not been granted will be recorded as unauthorised absence; and

• that leave of absence should be applied for in advance, not retrospectively.

Please click on this link to access the Holiday Request form. If you would like a copy to be printed off at school and sent home with your child, please contact Mrs Mylchreest in the School Office.

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