Ballaugh School

Nurturing Independent, Aspirational Learners. Supported by Strong Partnerships with Home and the Community

Parking at Ballaugh School is very limited. There are two small lay-bys in front of the school which are predominantly utilised by staff. Visitors and parents park away from the school, beyond the double yellow line traffic restrictions.

On arrival at Ballaugh School access to the main building is via the playground which is accessed primarily through a single gate next to the noticeboard. The main gate can be opened to facilitate easier access. The main entrance is at the front of the school via a sloped ramp involving 2 x 90 degree turns from the playground and a small threshold. The double front doors can be opened to make access easier. The rear access to the school building involves a step and there is no ramp. Please telephone the school on arrival so that access can be given through the larger gate and front doors.

The main teaching areas are on one level with a ramp and small threshold to a "mobile classroom". This ramp is accessed through a single gate. Part of the school building (pupils' kitchen and multipurpose learning area for music, meetings and small group work etc) is up stairs. There is no life to access this area.

School Telephone: 01624 897311