Ballaugh School

Nurturing Independent, Aspirational Learners. Supported by Strong Partnerships with Home and the Community

All children at Ballaugh School are provided with home learning.

This takes different forms in different classes due to children's level of independence developing and the complexity of the learning increasing. Please contact your child's class teacher if you have any questions around the home learning that they have been given.

The benefits of home learning...

The degree to which a child learns to value their learning, education and time at school is learnt from how their parents / carers value the same things. This give the opportunity for a parent / carer to gain an insight in to what, and how, their child is learning as well as to show how they value learning and education.

Home learning gives children the opportunity to practice what they have been learning in school in a different environment. This supports the learning process. Practice makes Permanent.

For older, more independent children, home learning also provides the opportunity to develop their time management and planning skills.

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About Our School

Ballaugh School is a small rural primary school, serving the village and parish community of Ballaugh. Due to our location we are a feeder school for both Ramsey Grammar School and QEII High School in Peel (conditional on your residence in our catchment…

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