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Resources to support the learning of the Manx language have been kindly provided by the Manx Team.

Firstly, here is a link to Manx Radio’s ‘Manx Word of the Day’ blog, which features children from various primary schools. More topics and words will be added soon.

The ‘Manx Word of the Day’ is a feature on the ‘Late Lunch’ programme on Manx Radio – they usually play it at about 1.15pm (subject to change if there is a press conference) and give people a chance to phone in and say what they think the word means, and if you get it right, you are entered into a prize draw. At about 1.50-1.55 they reveal the right answer and say who got it right and will be entered into the draw. This week’s words are all greetings and simple phrases.

The Manx Songs App ‘Roie Mygeayrt’ (mainly for younger children, but we’ve used some of the songs with older groups as well) is also free to download:

Manx language games on

To play Manx language games on the Oodlu website, pupils need to create their own student account. This allows them to practise the activities set to their group by their teacher and to play the games.

Getting started is easy; all you need to do is go to and click on the “Log in” button (top right). Click on "Register" and select the “I'm a student” option. Choose and type in your own username (not your real name!) and password (make sure you make a note of these somewhere safe). Then type in your group code (according to your year group), agree to the terms of service and privacy notice and continue.

Pupils in Year 3: Please use group code: 134n

Pupils in Year 4: Please use group code: q7r3

Pupils in Year 5 & 6: Please use group code: r6x8

It is best to log into only your own year group otherwise you will get duplicates of the same games.

Now you can access your group's question collection (and games) either by logging in on the website or by using the app (available free on the Apple App Store and Google Play).

Have fun and learn some more Gaelg!!

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