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Alternatives to going online.

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Ironically, we are sharing this via our online website! But... after the information has been accessed from the internet, the activities can be done in the real world.

It is really important that the children don't spend all of their time at a desk / table or in front of a screen. This is to maintain both their physical and mental health.

There are always skills that a child can learn around the house by helping adults. All learning is learning and helps the brain to develop appropriately.

Too much visual stimulation from digital devices, including TVs, does not provide this balance.

Here we have provided non-digital ideas

Call of the Wild Issue 1

Call of the Wild Issue 2

Call of the Wild Issue 4

Call of the Wild Issue 5

Call of The Wild Issue 6

Call of The Wild Issue 7

from the Curraghs Wildlife Park

James Dyson Engineering Foundation Challenge Cards

Art and Craft activities developed by Artists - there is also an activity pack with further things to do but this will require parental information being

Kids Adventure workouts (PE with an adventure story)

Audible Audible (spoken stories) have made hundreds of titles completely free to help during coronavirus crisis.

A Virtual tour of the British Museum (online activity)

Galleries around the world (online activity)

100 Challenge Ideas for Home Learners.pdf

Parlour Games to develop thinking and communication skills and just have fun.pdf

Making Maps from the Field Studies Council (FSC)

Garden Scavenger Hunt from the Field Studies Council (FSC)

Weather Diary and "SKY TV" from the Field Studies Council (FSC)

Playing Card Games or "Top Trumps" is a great way to develop many "number" and "communication" skills as well as resilience and thinking processes. Keeping the brain active in this way is great for the whole family and your brains too.

Here is a link to the Manx Wildlife Trust's magazine

How we learn is as important as what we learn. Here is a link to the Government's page about Learning Habits which are also called Learning dispositions

Manx Learning Habits

Closely linked with "resilience" is a Growth Mindset. This link below is a good place to start understanding GMs

Growth MIndset

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