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Learning suggestions for Year 5 and 6


Week 1 suggestions

Updated 27/3/20

Hi Everyone, Hope you are all well. How are you getting on with your learning activities? Any problems let me know through IT's Learning.

The next thing we would have been doing in maths was adding and subtracting fractions. Math Antics man on YouTube has a good video

(Remember to get an adult to check Youtube links for you first)

Watch it and write yourself some notes about how it works and then I will set you some questions .

Adding And Subtracting Fractions

Take care,

Mrs Bale

Updated 24/3/20

Hi Class 4 ,

Here are some things to keep you up to speed with your learning skills while schools are closed. Some you can choose from but can you please do your legend story.

Legend Story

Following on from all the work we have done in the past few weeks about myths and legends , have a go at writing your own quest/mythical legend story.

Use the planners and remember all the elements of good story writing. The story can be set wherever and whenever you like as long as it keeps the elements of a legend/quest.

Can you type it up and send it to me on google mail?

Try and do 10 minutes reading every day. Finish Percy Jackson and write a review. Watch the film of Percy Jackson and write a comparison with the book.

Audible on Amazon have made all their childrens books free to download


Practice your tables using

Play countdown at

NRICH has lots of good problems to solve.

Maths is Fun has lots of good questions and puzzles.

Twinkl have free home learning packs for Year 5 and 6

Have fun

Keep safe and

Keep learning .

Mythical story planner

story planner

Year 5/6 Spellings

100 Challenge Ideas for Home Learners

Another maths website (please use your discretion with all external websites)

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suggestions #4

Design And Technology The Sock Monkey!Lockdown sock monkey (send me a picture of your finished monkey. You can make him a costume if you like) Geography - Water World Look at these slides first Now you can have a go at this Water World Lesson 1 Literacy - Look, read and analyse this first Urban Wil…

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suggestions #6

Science suggestions for Class 4 1_Science_Work_W_b_11th_May_.pdf 2_Science Experiments linked to the Bloodhound SCC. Show your learning however you can. 3_Bloodhound_ssc_Maths_Challenge_Cards_B_Expected_level_of_difficulty.pdf 4_Bloodhound_ssc_Maths_Challenge_Cards_Greater_depth_level_of_difficulty…

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suggestions #7

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