Ballaugh School

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Our Ballaugh School Rainbow Allotment

Manx Radio and KPMG in the Crown Dependencies have joined together for an exciting new school mini-project that is fully inclusive and focuses on fun, education, sustainability and growing; however, it has a twist on growing projects to those you may have done before.

We have planted our vegetable seeds and seedlings. but not as you traditionally know them. We’re talking purple carrots, carrots that are like golf balls, yellow beetroot, radishes that are long instead of round and a different colour that you usually see, along with some more familiar things such as micro herbs (dill, chives, and rocket) . After learning about the vegetables, then planting them, we watered the seeds and blew bubbles all over our posh new planter to bring the Ballaugh magic and help them grow.

We look forward to the growing and reporting back to the Manx Radio team during their update visits.