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Today Michelle came and asked us some key questions. We also welcomed Jenny from Manx Birdlife. We thought about why birds build nests? ( for eggs and for attracting a mate) How long does it take them to create a nest? (this can be from quick a scratch in the sand through to a couple of weeks) Are all nests built at the same time of year? (No. Rooks and Collared Doves may start as early as January so they can produce more than one brood) Are all nests built in trees?(No. They can be found on, and even under, the ground, in bushes and also on rocks at the coast)

We then became nest investigators and examined a variety of nests. We commented on what we liked about our nest, what was good about it and what we had noticed about it.

We took our binoculars and spotted lots of nests in our pine trees made by the rooks. Some of the nests would be as old as we are. Rooks keep the same nest and just do running repairs to keep them posh!